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SR22 Threaded barrel and adapter questions

1. Why do I need to buy an adapter to attach a ½-28 TPI suppressor to your SR22 Threaded barrel?

Answer: The outside diameter of the SR22 barrel is smaller than ½” and needs to be stepped up in size.

2. What is the difference in the Twin Tech original threaded barrel and the Twin Tech Ruger OEM style barrel?

Answer: Our original threaded barrel is longer than the Ruger OEM style barrel and allows you to attach a suppressor or muzzle device with the slide fully forward. The OEM style barrel takes a longer adapter and the slide must be pulled back to attach the adapter.

3. Why should I choose a Twin Tech threaded barrel over a Ruger factory barrel?

Answer: Quality, fit, finish and accuracy. Our barrels are held to a closer tolerance than Rugers factory barrels. Our chamber to rifle bore concentricity is held to a much closer tolerance. Our muzzle thread has a locating diameter to ensure that the adapter is perfectly concentric with the rifled bore. Our bore centerline to frame mounting surface is held within .0015”.

4. Will Twin Tech SR22 adapters and compensators work on a Ruger factory threaded barrel?

Answer: No, Ruger uses an odd ball 11/32” thread that is not compatible with our SR22 adapters, SR22 thread protectors and SR22 compensators.

5. What is the difference in SR22 Compensators and the ½”-28 Compensators that you offer?

Answer: Muzzle thread. The SR22 Compensators are designed to mount directly to the 3/8”-24 muzzle thread of our original SR22 threaded barrel. The ½”-28 Compensator will mount to the SR22 standard adapter, sparrow adapter or any other 1/2”-28 x .400 muzzle threads.

6. Can I use the ½”-28 Compensator on my Ruger factory threaded barrel?

Answer: Yes, you will attach it to the Ruger ½”-28 adapter.

7. Can I use the Twin Tech SR22 Compensator on a Ruger factory threaded barrel?

Answer: No, Ruger factory barrels are 11/32”-24 thread and our compensators are 3/8”-24.

8. Will your ½”-28 Compensators work with your M&P Compact 22 adapters?

Answer: Yes.


Vortec .22LR Suppressor Questions

1. An AR15 has a .22 caliber bullet, can I use my Vortec .22LR on an AR15?

Answer: No, .223 or 5.56 has way to much muzzle velocity and pressure. The Vortec .22LR is designed for rimfire only.

2. Is the Vortec .22LR suppressor rated for full auto fire?

Answer: No

3. How often should I clean my suppressor?

Answer: We recommend cleaning your suppressor after 100 to 200 rounds or at least after every shooting session. .22 ammo is very dirty and if you don’t clean you suppressor regularly it will become difficult or with enough neglect impossible to disassemble.

4. If my suppressor gets damages can I get it repaired?

Answer: Yes, follow this link for more details.

5. Why isn’t my suppressor as quiet as the ones in the movies?

Answer: It’s the movies; no suppressor is like the ones in the movies.

6. What decibel level can I expect from my Vortec 22LR suppressor?

Answer: The Vortec’s simple but very effective design reduces the report of a firearm as well or better than suppressors costing much more. Don’t be fooled into believing that the more expensive a suppressor is the better that it reduces noise. With bulk .22 ammo it averages 113- 116 db. With CCI green tag subsonic ammo the average is 101-105 db. Anything above 120db requires hearing protection.

7. Can I shoot my suppressor wet?

Answer: Yes, but what’s the point? The suppressor is already hearing safe; shooting wet will reduce the noise level but it also increases the back pressure, decreases accuracy, and just makes a big mess. Hollywood quite is a myth.

8. Do you sell spare O-Ring’s for the Vortec?

Answer: Yes click here


Take down lever questions

1. Can I use a Brass Stacker guide rod with your takedown lever?

Answer: No, the washers on the guide rod force the spring to bunch up and force the takedown lever open.

2. Do I need a gunsmith to install the takedown lever?

Answer: No, if you are mechanically inclined and you have the right tools it’s a simple task. Watch our video for instructions.

3. Do you warrant your takedown levers?

Answer: No, we have made our best attempt to remedy an inherently bad design. Unfortunately firearms are mechanical machines and some part of it is bound to wear out sooner or later with enough use. We cannot warrant this item due to numerous circumstances beyond our control.

For example: improper installation of TDL or recoil spring, use of hyper velocity ammo, experimental suppressors, shooting a suppressor “Wet”, the use of aftermarket springs, and the user’s failure to insure full closer of the takedown lever during their shooting session.


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