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Take down lever installation instructions

Take down lever installation instructions


Takedown lever instructions

We have produced a video on YouTube that illustrates how to replace your takedown lever on your Ruger SR22P. This video is for instructional purposes only, and we recommend that you have a qualified gunsmith install your new Twin Tech Tactical takedown lever. We also recommend that you provide your gunsmith with the YouTube link if he or she has not preformed this procedure before. That being said, if you think that you are capable of performing this procedure, this video will instruct you how to do so.

YouTube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPh6uqxoMn4&feature=g-all-u

You can also view this video from our website: http://www.twintechtactical.com/Takedown-Lever.html

You should make sure that you have the proper tools to perform this installation.

1. Small hard plastic or brass hammer.

2. 3/32” Split pin punch long enough to punch the frame pin all the way out of the frame.

3. A soft aluminum or brass punch or drift.

4. A dull pocket knife or narrow dull putty knife.

5. A small amount of petroleum jelly or gun grease.

6. A block of wood with a 3/16” hole drilled thru it.

7. A good hard and flat surface to work on.

Be aware that the polymer frame can be damaged if too much force is used to disassemble and re-assemble the firearm; so take your time and be careful.

It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to be absolutely certain that any aftermarket part is installed and fitted correctly. Improper installation could result in a serious malfunction that could cause serious injury and/or death to the shooter or anyone within range of the discharged firearm. The purchaser and/or the installer of the part(s) must accept full responsibility for the correct installation and fitment for proper function.

When firing your SR22 be sure that your takedown lever is fully closed and the detent has snapped into position. If the takedown lever is not fully closed it will be damaged and will lead to future failure. If firing suppressed, subsonic ammo should be used due to increased back pressure caused by the suppressor. Although our take lever is superior to Rugers, we have made our best attempt to remedy an inherently bad design. Unfortunately firearms are mechanical machines and some part of it is bound to wear out sooner or later. We cannot warrant this item due to numerous circumstances beyond our control. For example: improper installation of TDL or recoil spring, use of hyper velocity ammo, experimental suppressors, shooting a suppressor “Wet”, the use of aftermarket springs, and the user’s failure to insure full closer of the takedown lever during their shooting session.


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